NC House bill requires schools to keep epi-pens

RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Some North Carolina lawmakers and advocates want to require schools to keep a supply of epinephrine pens to treat potentially life-threatening allergic reactions.

A House bill approved by the Education Committee on Tuesday would require all public, charter and regional schools to keep at least two epinephrine pens on hand to be administered by trained personnel.

Epinephrine injectors are widely used to treat severe reactions caused by food allergens. If not promptly treated, those reactions can be fatal. Studies show many children first discover food allergies at school.

Rep. Tom Murry of Morrisville says manufacturer Mylan Specialty L.P. offers up to four pens free and a discount program for schools wanting additional supplies. Murry says costs will be minimal.

The bill goes to the House floor next.

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