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Winter allergies? Your Christmas tree could be to blame

You may have seen something called 'Christmas Tree Syndrome' online. It's real.

Pollen showing early signs of spring season

Spring teases are in the air from warmer temperatures to pollen.

HEALTH FAIR 2019 PREVIEW: Lung health

Thursday you are invited to get some expert advice for your health at the 2019 WWAY Health Fair sponsored by New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

Have allergies? You’re not alone, and it’s just getting started

Dr. Gurvinder Deogun, of Allergy Partners of Raleigh, said allergy season kicked in the second week of February as usual. But she said something is different this year.

High pollen counts reported as mild weather kickstarts allergy season

As a relatively mild and wet winter has given way to unseasonably high temperatures across much of the U.S., multiple areas are reporting high pollen counts weeks earlier than normal.

Mylan launching generic version of EpiPen

Mylan says it will make available a generic version of its EpiPen, as criticism continued to mount over the price of its injectable medicine.

Warmer weather may cause early allergy season

Warmer weather may cause allergy season to start earlier than normal.

Possible peanut allergy patch in works, slated for 2018

People with peanut allergies may eventually get some relief.

Allergy season nothing to sneeze at

videoItchy eyes, runny noses, sneezing and coughing. Yup it's spring and also allergy season.

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