NC senator calls for governor to sue NYC over homeless relocation

NORTH CAROLINA (WWAY) — A North Carolina state senator is calling for a lawsuit against New York City for sending their homeless to our state without our knowledge.

Republican State Senator Danny Britt from Columbus County is calling for Governor Roy Cooper to sue NYC.

The city has been relocating its homeless population all over the country for the past two years, including to North Carolina.

“Social justice warrior Bill de Blasio is ignoring his own travel ban so he can deport the homeless population his failed policies have created,” Sen. Britt said. “Governor Cooper should join his fellow democrats from elsewhere in the country and file a federal lawsuit against de Blasio’s inhumane homeless relocation scheme.”

“It sure smells like an act of desperation on New York’s part,” Katrina Knight said.

Good Shepherd Center Executive Director Katrina Knight says she’s sympathetic but, “it’s important that every community invest in its own residents.”

Knight says it’s not in best practice to send families to new locations without creating dialogue with their new community.

“We don’t encourage folks to simply bus homeless individuals or families from Wilmington unless there’s a plan at the other end for what’s to happen next,” Knight said.

While there may not have been dialogue, New York City is providing families with some funds.

“If they’re being provided rental assistance, honestly they’ve made a match between someone from out of state and a landlord for a year’s worth of housing,” Knight said. “So the shelter system currently isn’t being impacted by that.”

Gov. Cooper says his office is looking into the matter.

“I’ve asked my Department of Health and Human Services to find out what is happening,” Gov. Cooper said. “This is the first I’ve heard about this issue this week. I want them to get the facts. I’m very concerned about it.”

Sen. Britt made this statement following Newark, New Jersey’s lawsuit against New York for the same reason. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio agreed to stop sending the city’s homeless there after the suit was filed.

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