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NC senator calls for governor to sue NYC over homeless relocation

A North Carolina state senator is calling for a lawsuit against New York City for sending their homeless to our state without our knowledge.

REPORT: New York City secretly relocating homeless to NC

There’s no place like home for the holidays, but across the Triangle that’s becoming more of a dream than reality.

Number of homeless veterans declines across United States

The departments of Housing and Urban Development and Veterans Affairs say the number of homeless veterans nationwide has declined slightly.

North Carolina woman to help homeless with $250,000 lottery prize

A Greenville woman who recently won a $250,000 lottery prize said she intends to use the money to help homeless people.

Viral homeless subway singer offered major recording contract

The mystery homeless woman who captivated the country with her singing voice in a Los Angeles subway station is now on her way to a record deal with a Grammy-nominated producer.

Brothers who own candle company donate to homeless shelters

At a Maryland farmers market, the Gill brothers are selling their own homemade candles. Austin, 8, pushes his favorite.

Vigilant Hope volunteers feed the homeless after Hurricane Dorian

The non-profit organization, Vigilant Hope constantly looks for ways to reach out to people in under served areas.

Affordable housing project complete for disabled homeless

SECU Lakeside Reserve marked the end of the second and final phase of the affordable housing project this morning.

Former presidential chef to use $250,000 lottery prize to feed the homeless

Chef Roberto Mendoza said he’s had a lot of winning moments in his life. He’s cooked for President Trump and for former President Obama. But for Mendoza, winning a $250,000 lottery prize is an experience he never imagined.

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