NC tourism leaders file brief defending public’s right to use NC’s beaches

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A private lawsuit could threaten North Carolina beach tourism, at least that’s what a pair of tourism organizations said.

The North Carolina Travel and Tourism Coalition and the North Carolina Vacation Rental Managers Association are concerned about the economic impact if people  lose their right to walk, play and relax at the beach.

The lawsuit Nies vs. The Town of Emerald Isle is bringing up the question of where private land ends and public land begin at the sea shore. The case is currently in the state’s high court.

According to the suit beach front property owners in Carteret County filed a lawsuit to keep vehicles and beach equipment off their beach area.

The case hasn’t been settled but North Carolina tourism groups are urging the Supreme Court to uphold the prior ruling that the public should be able to use beaches.

They said if beach front properties become totally private tourism dollars will be lost and there’s no guarantee the properties will be maintained properly.

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