NC veteran walks 607 miles, through tornadoes and storms, makes one request

MONROE, NC (WBTV) — A veteran from Monroe, retired Sergeant First Class Howard Garren, says just a few months ago, he couldn’t get up to walk because of debilitating seizures.

On Saturday, he returned from a walk of over 600 miles.

His path took him through the middle of the tornadoes that hit Alabama, through storms, blisters and cold.

So why and how did he end up walking all that way?

No, not to raise money. Garren says he self-financed the walk and did not accept any donations.

Because of a phone call. One he says that saved him and that he wants you to make.

“It was just horrendous, I mean I couldn’t get up and walk, it would just put you on the ground,” said Garren.

Two-year Army veteran Howard Garren says seizures were debilitating for him and they started to take over more than just his physical body.

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