NC woman gives birth to baby onboard plane at airport

Delta Air Lines (Photo: Bernal Saborio / CC BY-SA 2.0)

ATLANTA, GA (WSB) — A North Carolina couple’s new bundle of joy knows how to make an entrance.

Becoming a parent can be an exciting and scary time, but for Liliana Castaneda and Edgar Acevedo, that moment was even scarier because Castaneda gave birth to their daughter on a plane.

Baby Analia came more than a month before her due date of December 23 while her parents were traveling home from visiting family in Mexico.

The couple says they are excited to be new parents, but were terrified when Castaneda started having contractions during the flight.

“He was like, ‘Don’t try to push, because if you push more the baby will come out,’ so I tried to hold those contractions for like three hours and 30 minutes on the way here,” she said.

“I was nervous at the same time and worried for her and the baby,” Acevedo recalled.

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