NCDHHS: COVID-19 numbers are going in the wrong direction

NORTH CAROLINA (WTVD) — NCDHHS Secretary Dr. Mandy Cohen spoke Tuesday in an effort to re-energize North Carolinians and their use of personal safety measures that slow the spread of COVID-19.

Cohen warned that the state’s coronavirus metrics are headed in the wrong direction. She said she would get into specifics about the numbers Thursday.

“Our cases are up, our hospitalizations are up, and our early surveillance data is up.”

For now, she stressed that there was no one event or policy that could be blamed for the rise in COVID-19 cases. Instead, she said she thought that it was because more people were not following health guidelines such as the three Ws: wearing a mask, waiting more than 6 feet apart, washing hands thoroughly.

“We need to recommit to these actions. Right now, like much of the rest country and the world, our trends are moving in the wrong direction.”

Cohen was joined by Lynn Minges, President of North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association, and Andy Ellen, President of North Carolina Retail Merchants Association.

Minges and Ellen emphasized the hard work restaurants and other businesses have done so far to help protect employees and customers. Both said it was important for businesses to stay vigilant and for customers to continue to follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines.

“We can’t afford to go backward. We’re counting on you,” Minges said.

Cohen, Minges and Ellen all spoke about That’s a website where businesses and patrons can pledge to do their part to keep their selves and their communities safe.

The site has a list of businesses that are going the extra mile to follow COVID-19 safety regulations.

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