NCDPS looking for Carolina Beach adoption scammer who left home confinement

ASHEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — The Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice is looking for a woman who is serving time for an adoption scam crime out of Carolina Beach after she left her home confinement at a home in Asheville.

According to a press release from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Wendy George, 41, was serving active sentences for five counts of Obtaining Property by False Pretense, Felony Violation Social Services, and Access Computer to Defraud. She was serving a portion of the sentence at home, but has absconded from the home in Asheville.

Prosecutors told WWAY beginning in November 2016, George posted on several social media and adoption websites that she was pregnant and wanted to put her child up for adoption. But they say George was not pregnant.

People from across the country responded to George’s post about the possibility of adopting her child. She then engaged in lengthy discussions with these people and asked them to send her money for food, doctors’ appointments and housing needs.

In 2017, The New Hanover County District Attorney’s Office said George got a positive pregnancy test using the urine of a pregnant friend and obtained Medicaid benefits from the Department of Social Services. She also paid her pregnant friend $20 to get an ultrasound in George’s name, so she could send the images to the victims to prove that she was in fact pregnant.

In February 2017, a couple from Ohio called the Carolina Beach Police Department to report the scam after they gave her several hundred dollars for food and rent.

In December 2018, George pleaded guilty in New Hanover Superior Court Friday to 10 counts of obtaining property by false pretenses, one count of felony accessing a computer to perpetuate a fraud and one count of Medicaid fraud. Judge Andrew Heath sentenced her to 50-64 months in prison. The Court also sentenced her to an additional 22-37 months, which was suspended for three years of supervised probation.

George was serving a portion of her active sentence outside of prison. She was participating in the Extending the Limits of Confinement (ELC) initiative.

If you have seen George or know her whereabouts, please contact local law enforcement.

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