NC’s reddest counties show lower vaccine rates, higher hesitancy

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Rates of COVID-19 vaccination tend to be lower while willingness to get the vaccine trends higher in the counties where the highest numbers of residents voted for former Republican President Donald Trump, a data analysis found.

The numbers mirror findings from The New York Times, which found the disparity in vaccination rates nationally tends to break along party lines at the county level.

“I think my gut reaction is that these data are not surprising,” said Dr. Lavanya Vasudevan, an assistant professor of family medicine and community health at Duke University.

Said North Carolina State University political science professor Andrew Taylor: “There clearly is something to this.”

Of the 12 counties in the state where Trump earned at least 75 percent of votes, none have vaccinated at least 40 percent of their adult residents with at least one dose and six have not vaccinated a third of them.

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