Nearly 150 voters given wrong ballots in Leland

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Nearly 150 voters will have to recast their ballots due to ‘human error’ at a polling location in Leland.

The Brunswick County Board of Elections confirms one, possibly two, poll workers at the Leland Cultural Arts Center did not pull up the ballots correctly and gave some voters the incorrect ballot.

Board of Elections Director Sara Knotts says they did an audit over the weekend of the 2,172 ballots cast at the LCAC when it was brought to their attention. That’s when they determined 147 voters were given incorrect ballots.

Knotts said they very swiftly put procedures in place at all locations to have lead workers review the process of pulling up the voter ballot and making sure it is right.

The Brunswick County Board of Election is working with the State Board of Elections. They will send out a letter, they hope by tomorrow, notifying the affected voters of the error. Those voters will then be told to come back and vote again.

Knotts stressed that voters will not get two votes. The first ballot is going to be tossed out and the correct one put in its place.

Knotts said the only difference between the two ballots is the House District seat.

For voters who decide to vote new ballots, the original ballot will be discarded, and only the new, correct ballot will be counted. For voters who decide not to vote new ballots, their votes will be counted for all races, except for the state House race in question.

Some Brunswick County residents vote for House District 17 and others vote for House District 18.

If the affected voters provided a phone number when they registered, Board of Elections staff also will call the phone number on record this week. Citizens who voted at the Leland Cultural Arts Center during those dates can email their name, address and phone number to to find out if they are among the affected voters.

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