Nebraska, Northwestern and Oregon join LGBT inclusion program

NEW YORK (AP) – Nebraska, Northwestern and Oregon are partnering with an advocacy group on a new program for LGBT inclusion in sports.

The schools have joined Br(ache (pronounced break) the Silence, which educates athletic administrators and coaches about providing healthy environments in college sports.

Br(ache the Silence co-founder Nevin Caple worked with Dr. Eric Lueshen, a former Cornhusker football player, to create the program. Br(ache the Silence aims to shift the focus from homophobia to inclusion in college sports.

Nebraska athletic director Shawn Eichorst says the affiliation “reaffirms Nebraska’s commitment and desire to be a leader in diversity and inclusion.”

The program trains sports leaders on gay issues and nondiscrimination policies. Schools can place a medallion on their websites noting their diversity efforts. Caple says it will help recruits and potential hires “identify inclusive athletic departments.”



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