Neighbors frustrated fire off at Bladen County GenX forum

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – Neighbors gathered for a forum in Bladen County. State health and environmental experts provided what new info they could on GenX. People we talked to tell us they are still frustrated.

New test results are coming from what experts say. None of them talk about the affects of GenX though. That left many neighbors still concerned as they grow tired of having to live with the faucets turned off.

“We have to sit here and come to a meeting about them polluting our neighborhoods,” yelled neighbor Kellie Hair who had had enough of experts talking and, in her opinion, brought no real answers.

Now Hair like many neighbors were glad agencies like the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality and the Department of Health and Human Services brought neighbors together with experts to try and answer questions and concerns. Her main argument is asking why is Chemours not answering to the public. Most of everyone in the forum lived near the Chemours Fayetteville plant.

“Are we the guinea pigs,” asked Levonne Daniels who recently moved to the area. “Are we the people that’s going to be the guinea pigs for Genx?”

Neighbors from Robeson, Cumberland, and Bladen counties came to the meeting at the Bladen Community College. They were given the hard facts about GenX. State officials noted out of the more than 500 wells they have tested, more than 300 around the plant tested positive for the chemical compound adding that hundreds of those were above the health goal of 140 parts per trillion.

Epidemiologists also made it clear the health goal is simply that, there is no regulation or penalty tied to GenX levels being detected over it. Aside from that, neighbors like Hair say there are even bigger problems.

“It’s what they’re putting in the air that’s why everybody between Bladen and Cumberland County is having these issues.”

State officials say the tests for GenX In the air just finished last week. They are also looking into contamination of fish near the plant. Still neighbors are feeling left out.

“They’re testing wells, two or three miles down that way or two or three miles down that way, but they’re not testing my well,” said John Haynes who says his home on Fire Department road sits a little more than a mile from the plant.

Those tests on fish tissue the state says are expected to come in March. Chemours is taking the lead on the air quality tests. The D-E-Q tells us those should be ready by March as well.

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