New brewing company foaming up the Soda Pop District

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A new business is brewing up something unique in the old Soda Pop District. The Cape Fear’s first cooperative brewery is setting up shop in Wilmington in just a few months.

Now, beer lovers get a chance to own part of the new brewery called Tidewater Brewing Company.

Although they have a ways to go, Ethan Hall and his two partners, Lydia Berzonsky and John Horton, are excited to open their company on Princess Street.

An area thirsty for new major development.

“There’s supposed to be a restaurant going in across the street,” Hall said. “He’s talking about a grocery story in the bottling shop plant. Talking about housing across the street from us. Across Princess Street. I’m looking forward to that customer base.”

The three are opening a brewery unlike any other in the region.

“People sit around and wonder what it would be like to own a brewery. Well, now you get the chance to own a brewery,” Hall said. “You know, you own a little small piece of it but you do get to say you’re a founding member of the brewery.”

Tidewater Brewing Company is the area’s first cooperative brewery. With a one-time fee, co-owners will not only own a piece of the brewery, they will also get some perks.

“We’re creating a loyalty program with it. Where just like Costco, however much money you spend you get 2% back. Well for the basic $200 you get 5% back at the end of the year,” Hall said.

Co-owners will have access to special events, discounts on bar food and food trucks partnering with the brewery, the chance to name the beers, and if you make beer of your own they plan to have a quarterly contest.

“If you’re a home brewer you can possibly have your beer brewed here,” Hall said. “You can serve on the board of directors and help steer the direction the brewery goes in the future.”

The new brewery will be family and pet friendly. Hall hopes the brewery will be up and running by the end of June.

If you would like to learn more about how you can become a shareholder, click here.

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