New Hanover County Firefighters running 41 miles in 24 hours to benefit ACCESS of Wilmington

They begin Saturday at 7a.m. and stop at every fire station in the county

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WWAY) – On Saturday, New Hanover County firefighters will test both physical and mental boundaries.

“Our job is very physical but it’s a lot of mental too,” says Jason Sinclair with NHCFR. “Especially in a hurricane deployment or if we have to work all 24 hours it’s not just physical ability it’s a lot of mental.”

It is meant to symbolize the shift of a firefighter. They will stop at all 8 fire stations, which spans 41 miles, in 24 hours. In anticipation, Sinclair says they’ve been putting in a lot of extra work to prepare.

“We are out running and it’s august in Wilmington North Carolina. So hot humid, whatever condition it is, raining, the fire department always goes out so we are going to be running no matter what.”

They are raising funds for ACCESS of Wilmington, and the Miracle Field is right next to the station.

Here is the link they are using to collect donations


From station to station, we will be running on public roads at approximately a 10-12
min/mile pace. I have mapped out each path on google maps and included it with this
run plan.

When arriving at the next station, the plan is to take some time to rehydrate, stretch,
and rest before embarking off on the next leg.

A chase vehicle (or two) will be provided by New Hanover County Fire Rescue which
will trail the running group while on the roads. We will adhere to all traffic laws while
approaching intersections, stopping if necessary.

Since this is a 24-hour endurance race, it will include some daytime running and some
nighttime running. During the night we plan on increasing our safety parameters to
ensure proper lights and reflectors are used for proper visibility.

There are eight stations, therefore there will be eight legs of the race. Other members of
New Hanover County Fire Rescue will be able to participate in multiple ways at varying
levels of commitment. We will allow runners to race individual legs of the race if they are
not able to run the entirety of the 41 miles. We also need volunteers to drive the support
vehicles. We plan to split that portion up into three shifts with a minimum of two
volunteers on each shift. This will ensure the support team is fully able to protect the
safety and wellbeing of the runners.

Shift 1: 0630-1240
Shift 2: 1430-1900
Shift 3: 2300-0700

Donation Structure:
We will be asking local individuals and companies for their support and donations to
sponsor this event. The New Hanover County Professional Firefighters Association,
Local 4576 Charitable Fund will be an account we can use to collect all the donations.
This fund is a non-profit 501c3 eligible account. After the event, we will present Access
of Wilmington with a check from the donations collected. 5 percent of the donations will
remain in the IAFF Charitable Fund for future donations.

Post-Race Party:
On Sunday, August 21st the racers will be finishing at Federal Point at 0700. We would
like to celebrate with all those who donated and participated but understand that early in
the morning at that location is not feasible. We propose to hold a celebration event at
Wrightsville Beach Brewery starting at 2pm.

The location will give us an opportunity to present a “big” check to Access of
Wilmington. There will be food and beverages available for purchase. We can work on
getting music provided.

The New Hanover County Professional Firefighters Association, Local 4576 will be
providing funding for the shirts, banner, food, and water

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