New Hanover County urges residents to keep Covid at bay

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The state of North Carolina is reporting an increase of 3,119 coronavirus cases, but New Hanover County is doing a better job at slowing the spread.

The county’s COVID-19 hospitalization average is hovering at about 30 cases right now, but Dr. Phillip Brown says we shouldn’t take our safety for granted, especially if we see an increase in gatherings around the holidays.

“If we have that with Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years then you could project that at least by late January early February we would be seeing the most massive COVID spikes that we’ve seen to date,” Brown said.

With winter coming and colder weather on the horizon, outdoor activities and gatherings will be limited, driving people indoors.

“You’re indoors and you’ve got recycled air through heating systems and everything,” Brown said. “Much drier air which makes your mucus membranes more susceptible.”

North Carolina and the U.S. have already reported record breaking COVID case highs this month. Though New Hanover County doesn’t seem to mirror the trend now, Commissioner Rob Zapple says it’s important to do our part for our neighbors and loved ones.

“I know it’s frustrating to watch the national news and really the international news about COVID-19 and it seems overwhelming sometimes, ” Zapple said. “But there’s something we can do locally, that you can do, that every citizen can do to help us here.”

Even just wearing a mask can reduce risk of infection by about 70% according to the CDC.

“If we can just take a stitch in time now, we can save a lot of misery in the months ahead. Otherwise we’re really looking at a long winter.”


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