New York Police: Remains may be Wilmington fugitive last seen in 2018

GENESEO, NY (AP/WWAY) — Authorities say skeletal remains found in western New York may be those of a North Carolina fugitive who fled police more than a year and a half ago.

Sheriff Thomas Dougherty said Sunday evening that the body is likely that of David Clyde Morgan, of Wilmington.

He disappeared into a cornfield after pointing a handgun at a police officer in Geneseo, New York, in July 2018.

Video of the encounter was caught on dash cam. In the video, as the officer approaches the vehicle, Morgan gets with a weapon in his hand. Morgan then raises the weapon and points it at the officer, who in response, fires shots with his service weapon.

At the same time, Morgan’s girlfriend Sandra Brown, a passenger in the vehicle, points something at the officer while ducking behind the front of the vehicle. Deputies say Brown was holding her cell phone.

In those chaotic moments, deputies say Morgan was able to run into a nearby cornfield, escaping arrest. Brown also took off on foot, but was arrested shortly after.

Sandra Brown was offered a plea deal in September of 2018.

Dental records and DNA will be used to confirm the body is Morgan’s. Two hunters searching for deer antlers in heavy brush found skeletal remains of a human Sunday. They were not far from where Morgan was last seen.


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