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North Carolina Azalea Festivalvideo

71st Azalea Festival comes to an end

The 2018 Azalea Festival brought lots of colors, fun and people to the Port City to celebrate spring and southern style.

40th annual Azalea Festival Boxing Tournament being held in Wilmington

For 40 years, boxers from around the country have converged on Wilmington during the Azalea Festival to compete. This weekend, the tradition is being renewed.

Thousands attend 71st annual Azalea Festival parade

Downtown Wilmington shut down Saturday morning as thousands gathered to witness the 71st annual Azalea Festival parade.

Street fair kicks off weekend Azalea fun

The Azalea Festival Street Fair kicked off tonight and is bringing hundreds of people downtown to check out all the fun.

Are local businesses booming during the Azalea Festival?

The Azalea Festival Street Fair kicked off Friday evening, and while many people are excited about all the vendors lining up along Downtown Wilmington others are not too happy.

Cape Fear Museum gives us a look at Azalea Festival artifacts

Curators at the Cape Fear Museum have collected dozens of artifacts that paint the picture of the festival over the years.

Queen Azalea gets her crown

The Azalea Festival is officially underway and that means bright dresses, big hats, and suits swarming the Port City.

2018 Azalea Festival Princess Grace Tippett steps into spotlight!

Grace Tippett knew she wanted to be Azalea Princess when she was a little girl.  At 16 her dream came true when she won the 70th Annual North Carolina Azalea Festival Scholarship Pageant in March.

Hundreds of pieces on display at annual art show

The 36th Annual Juried Spring Art Show kicked off this weekend. It is the official art show of the Azalea Festival.

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