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New Leland drop-in childcare includes special staff, room for kids with sensory challenges

If you are a parent and need to run some errands or just want a Saturday night out to dinner, a new drop-in childcare facility in Leland might be able to help. But it also has a unique offering for some families.

Santa crawls on the floor to help a blind boy with autism feel the...

A Texas mom says her 6-year-old son met "the real Santa" last week at a Fort Worth sporting goods store.

Wilmington artist with autism shows off work at gallery

For the past few years we've been giving updates on a Wilmington artist with autism. Now, he's getting his own exhibit.

Girl with autism mistakes bride for Cinderella

A 5-year-old girl with autism saw a bride taking wedding photos in New York's Akron Falls Park last week and mistook her for Cinderella.

Surveillance video shows teacher, nurse dragging boy with autism

A Kentucky mom is expressing outrage after viewing surveillance video of a teacher dragging her son through the hallway at school, an incident she says left him bruised and traumatized.

Officials confirm body found in creek is missing boy with autism

Police in North Carolina have confirmed a body found last week is of 6-year-old Maddox Ritch.

WATCH: Teen with autism makes incredible touchdown catch

Fulton Winn plays football on his high school team in Saluda, South Carolina. He made a very special catch and it was caught on camera.
Surfer's Healing catch some wavesvideo

Surfers Healing helps kids with Autism surf

Plenty of kids were out in the water in Wrightsville Beach for the Surfer's Healing camp to catch some waves.
Cinderella Castle Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Autistic visitors can proceed with lawsuits against Disney

A federal appeals court is giving a green light for visitors with autism to proceed with lawsuits against Disney theme parks that claimed not enough was being done to accommodate them.

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