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Historic Home Tour: 216 McRae Street

Imagine living in downtown Wilmington in the area's only row house.

Historic Home Tour: 701 Chestnut Street

This house on Chestnut Street is suspected to have been a gift to William Eckel from his mother sometime around 1882.


The McKay-Green House gives off a very patriotic and historic air which you can experience on the Azalea Festival Home tour Saturday and Sunday.

HISTORIC HOME TOUR: Captain John Harper House

The Captain John Harper House is known as the crown jewel of downtown Wilmington. You can see why on this weekend's Azalea Festival Home Tour.

HISTORIC HOME TOUR: Eugene Philyaw House

Built in 1910, it sits at 1802 Market street. The simple yet commanding house on the Azalea Festival Home Tour was in disrepair a few years ago.

HISTORIC HOME TOUR: First Church of Christ, Scientist

The First Church of Christ, Scientist, sits regally and majestically at 1620 Chestnut Street in Wilmington.

Azalea Festival Home Tour features 170 years of history

video Several historic homes and Basilica Shrine of Saint Mary opened their doors to the public Saturday for the start of the Azalea Festival Home Tour.

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