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Starbucks’s open-bathroom policy is affecting its business, study says

Starbucks opened its bathrooms to the public in May of 2018, part of an effort to counter accusations of racism after an incident at one of its Philadelphia cafes.

Camera found in boy’s toilets at elementary school

A food worker at a Texas elementary school has been arrested after allegedly placing a small hidden camera inside a boy’s bathroom.

Tardiness prompts painted mirrors at Tennessee high school

A Tennessee high school is apologizing after an administrator had the bathroom mirrors painted over because so many students were late to class.

Cops: Man stabbed nephew for hogging bathroom

Authorities say a 72-year-old Florida man repeatedly stabbed his nephew because he was taking too long in the bathroom.
Transgender Restroom

Restaurant fined for ID’ing transgender woman using bathroom

The Washington, D.C, attorney general says a restaurant will be fined $7,000 for stopping a transgender woman outside a bathroom and asking for her ID.

Indiana school must allow transgender to use male bathroom

A federal judge has ordered an Indiana school district to allow a transgender student to use male bathrooms.

Study: Bathroom hand dryers may spread bacteria onto your hands

A new study may make you think twice before you use air hand dryers that are in public bathrooms.

College student accused of dumping toilet water into roommate’s water bottles

A woman says she learned the water she’s been drinking is from the toilet and now her residence hall roommate will have to explain.

Checking your phone in bathroom? Not good, study says

A new study from London says touching your phone between using the toilet and washing your hands is a very bad idea.

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