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Garden club blesses local cemeteries with trees for Arbor Day

As the last Friday in April, planters across the nation are celebrating Arbor Day with public tree plantings.

Florence cleanup may cause delays to funerals at Wilmington cemetery

Cemetery Superintendent Eric Kozen says the cemetery will remained closed until Saturday as about 125 trees are removed completely and others are trimmed.

Hurricane Florence claims Oakdale Cemetery peacock

Eric Kozen, the superintendent of Oakdale Cemetery, said Monday that the caretaker of neighboring Pine Forest Cemetery had found the peacock’s dead body.

Cape Fear Garden Club names first male president

The Cape Fear Garden Club, made famous as host of the Azalea Festival Garden Tour, is shaking things up!

Flag Retirement Ceremony for Old Glory at Oakdale Cemetary

For the past four or five years, Oakdale Cemetery has honored Flag Day by giving the community a place to properly dispose of their American flags.

Ashley’s Adventures: Oakdale Cemetery

In Oakdale you’ll find senators, congressmen, yellow fever victims, and soldiers from nearly every conflict America has ever seen.

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Comforting Life after Death

Wilmington is known as a very historical city. Many the structures and infrastructures are quite old, we know that. But did you know that many of the great minds behind them rest here. Our Extraordinary Person of the Week is taking care of their history and comforting life after death.

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