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Wednesday, August 4, 2021
Tags Gas Shortage

Tag: Gas Shortage

Gov. Roy Cooper speaks on gas supply as Colonial Pipeline resumes service

The Colonial Pipeline announced Wednesday evening that it had restarted operations days after it was forced to shut down by a group of hackers.

How the rush for fuel is affecting emergency workers

The rush on gas has affected civilians around the Cape Fear and beyond, but how has it affected emergency workers?

Drivers wait in lines for hours to fill up tanks

Tuesday, fears of a gas shortage led to lines of cars stretching from gas station parking lots to main roads and highways.

Threat of NC price hike and gas shortages after pipeline explosion

For the second time in two months, a pipeline that supplies gasoline to millions of people is shut down, raising the specter of another round of gas shortages and price increases.

Governor encourages folks to remain calm during gas shortage

Governor Pat McCrory is calling on drivers in our area to calm dow while the gasoline problems are dealt with.

Pipeline firm expects to restart line Wednesday

The pipeline company working to repair a leak that led to gas shortages and higher prices for drivers across the South says its bypass repair is complete and it expects to restart its main gasoline line Wednesday.

Local drivers talk concerns about gas shortage

There are mixed emotions when it comes to the recent gas shortage.

Colonial Pipeline: Gas is on the way to NC

Colonial Pipeline says the company is working "around the clock" to limit disruptions to the region's gas supply.

Price gouging law in effect for NC due to gas shortage

Attorney General Roy Cooper is urging people to report gas prices that seem unreasonably high.

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UNCW says no students have tried using fake vaccine cards to bypass testing requirements

As administrators prepare for the upcoming fall semester and COVID-19 continues to spread, college and university officials are met with a new challenge of detecting fake COVID-19 vaccination cards.

Suspect arrested after officer-involved shooting

The suspect then veered at the deputy as the suspect tried to hit the officer with his vehicle. Both WPD and NHCSO fired upon the suspect, striking him at least once.

Resort style rental property project proposed for the town of Navassa

A resort style rental community might be coming to the town of Navassa.

Local residents express concerns surrounding Project Grace

New Hanover County’s Project Grace would create a new facility in downtown Wilmington, that would combine the library and Cape Fear Museum in one location, but not everyone agrees with the plan.