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More than 2,000 in US diagnosed in vaping illness outbreak

New government figures show more than 2,000 people have been diagnosed with vaping illnesses in the still-unsolved U.S. outbreak.

First lady visits cuddling program for babies born on drugs

First lady Melania Trump visited a Boston hospital Wednesday that uses cuddling to help infants born dependent on drugs or alcohol.

CVS, UPS make history with drone prescription drug delivery in NC

The future has arrived in Wake County as UPS and CVS delivered prescription medication by drone for the first time anywhere in the country.

Florida woman didn’t know she was pregnant, delivers baby

A Florida woman was in for an unexpected surprise after her new weight loss surgery. She was pregnant without a clue.

Warren health care plan pledges no middle class tax increase

Elizabeth Warren promised Friday to spend more than $20 trillion over the next decade to provide government-funded health care to every American without raising middle class taxes.

Science Says: How daylight saving time affects health

As clocks tick toward the end of daylight saving time, many sleep scientists and circadian biologists are pushing for a permanent ban because of potential ill effects on human health.

‘Be your own advocate’: Self breast examine helps woman save her own life

Although October, also know as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is coming to an end, awareness for the disease is something advocates want to spread year-round.

Man accused of stealing medical supplies from healthcare facility

The Wilmington Police Department need your help identifying the man who allegedly broke into a healthcare facility and stole medical supplies.

Xanax recalled for possible ‘foreign substance’

Mylan Pharmaceuticals is pulling a batch of Xanax from pharmacy shelves nationwide because of what the company said is "the potential presence of a foreign substance" in the popular prescription anti-anxiety drug.  

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