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Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Tags Healthy eating

Tag: Healthy eating

Wilmington dietitian collaborates on tasty Children’s Museum exhibit

Registered dietitian Callan Wall collaborates with the Children's Museum of Wilmington to open an interactive simulated diner to teach children about healthy food choices.

Humpday Health: Sweet treats for a sweet tooth

Who doesn't like a sweet treat every once in a while? Some believe sweets and being healthy just don't mix, but there is an alternative.

Humpday Health: Better burgers

While back to school excitement is just getting started, there are still plenty of weekend left to enjoy some summer cooking outside and that includes of course cooking out.

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Bipartisan bill leaves out key climate, clean energy steps

While the bill would make it easier for several kinds of structures to withstand severe weather events, it does not meet President Biden's pledge to reduce US dependence on fossil fuels.

Tennessee won’t incentivize COVID shots but pays to vax cows

The governor of Tennessee does not support offering a financial incentive for citizens to get vaccinated against Covid 19 but he does support reimbursing farmers for vaccinating their cows against several types of diseases.

Biles returns to Olympic competition, wins bronze on beam

Heavily favored to win several Olympic medals, Simone Biles will bring home the bronze for her scaled-back routine on the balance beam.

Pet Pals: 1-Year-old Tabby Cat is in need of a new home

This week’s Pet Pal is a 1-year-old Tabby Cat.