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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Hiring experts explain how small businesses can survive and what applicants are looking for

Though North Carolina's unemployment rate has fallen from 13.5 percent to 4.3 since the beginning of the pandemic, many employers say they are still short staffed. 

NC recruiters won’t disclose full offers to Amazon, Apple

North Carolina taxpayers may never learn how much in tax breaks, free land and other giveaways business recruiters were willing to throw at tech giants Apple and Amazon to attract thousands of jobs to the Raleigh area.

Wilmington delays public hearing on National Gypsum incentive proposal

Wilmington City Council will not hold a public hearing about the proposed incentive grant for National Gypsum, as previously planned.

Trump warns of costs for outsourcing jobs

President-elect Donald Trump is warning that companies are not going to leave the United States anymore "without consequences. It's not going to happen." He says that companies leaving will be "taxed very heavily" at the U.S. border.

AAIPharma to expand Wilmington headquarters, add jobs

AAIPharma/CML plans to expand operations in Wilmington and add jobs over the next few years, according to a news release.

Company that eyed Brunswick Co. plans SC expansion

A company that chose South Carolina over a site in Brunswick County for the home of a new factory is planning to expand that facility.

AAIPharma to receive $500K to expand locally

The Wilmington City Council approved a$225,000 grant for AAIPharma to expand locally in Wilmington Tuesday night.

NC House Democrats want incentives sweetened again

Democrats at the General Assembly say economic incentives in North Carolina need to be sweetened again so more middle-class adults can get better-paying jobs.

NC legislature may not be over for this year

The General Assembly's work may not be over this year if Gov. Pat McCrory believes replenishing a critical economic recruitment tool in North Carolina can't wait until January.

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New findings by North Carolina State University raise more concerns around PFAS’s in the Cape Fear

Four years ago, one of those chemicals (GenX) was found in our drinking water in the Cape Fear River. A recent study has given rise to more concern surrounding the 'forever chemicals'. 

Colorado school district investigating claims that teachers taped masks to students’ faces

School officials are investigating allegations that some students were made to tape their masks to their faces.

Sunset Beach councilwoman resigns during meeting over ‘lack of transparency’ and ‘skewed ethics’

Sunset Beach Town Councilwoman Jan Harris dramatically announced her resignation from the council Tuesday morning effective immediately.

Video captures dozens of sharks feeding below Surf City pier

While we all know sharks live in the ocean, capturing a close encounter with them is a neat experience.