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‘Halloween Kills’ wraps production in the Cape Fear

Production has officially wrapped for the movie 'Halloween Kills' which has been filming in the Port City in recent weeks.

WATCH: Star shares sneak peek of ‘Halloween Kills’

'Tis the season to start screaming. We have a first look at the 'Halloween Kills' movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis.

Jamie Lee Curtis gives ringing endorsement to Wilmington non-profit

A Wilmington non-profit that gives back to those in need got a shout out on Thursday from none other than the "Scream Queen" herself, Jamie Lee Curtis.

Jamie Lee Curtis filming in Port City

Jamie Lee Curtis is officially in the Port City for "Halloween Kills."

‘Halloween’ sequels to reunite Jamie Lee Curtis with Wilmington

Michael Myers will take another stab at Jamie Lee Curtis in the new “Halloween” sequel, and he’s going to do it in Wilmington.

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