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Kraft introduces ‘Salad Frosting’ to help trick your kids into eating more vegetables

Salad frosting. Yes, it's a thing. Instead of simply asking kids to eat salad dressing -- or pretending the age-old condiment bears the hallmarks of a dessert staple -- Kraft Heinz has introduced "Salad Frosting," with the sweet tooth-invoking word right there on the label.

Lunchables releases breakfast line called Brunchables

It's no joke, Lunchables announced a new breakfast line called Brunchables on Tuesday.

Taco Bell queso dip recalled over botulism concerns

A Taco Bell dip is being recalled because it can cause an extreme form of food poisoning.

Kraft Heinz wants Super Bowl Monday to be a paid holiday

The petition claims more than 16 million people call in sick or miss work the day after the game.

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