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Homeless shelters make accommodations for guests

Here in the Cape Fear, homeless shelters are either full or has had to limit new guests because of coronavirus concerns, so they have gotten creative.

Empty shelves at Salvation Army Food Pantry need your donations

The Salvation Army's food pantry is pretty much empty, which makes the annual WWAY One Day Blitz necessary to help feed families across the Cape Fear. 

Salvation Army needs more angels adopted

Help keep the Christmas holiday merry for everyone this year. The Salvation Army is determined to make 3,000 Christmas wishes come true but, they need more angels adopted.

Salvation Army needs help making 3,000 Christmas wishes come true

Christmas is a special time of year for many. After Hurricane Florence, many families are struggling to celebrate the season. The Salvation Army has promised to make 3,000 children's Christmas wishes come true. 

More than 3,000 angels need your help this holiday season

With widespread devastation caused by Hurricane Florence, many Cape Fear families will likely be struggling this holiday season to provide the basics. For many children, their Christmas wishes may fall to the bottom of "Santa's" list.

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