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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Notable American women to appear on U.S. quarters

A string of notable American women will appear on the U.S. quarter under a four-year program that begins in 2022.

Husband sues for right to touch wife in NM nursing home amid COVID-19 pandemic

The state health orders kicked in. The couple, who has been married for more than three decades, were no longer allowed to touch each other.

New Mexico woman, 105, who beat 1918 flu, has COVID-19

A 105-year-old New Mexico woman who beat back the 1918 flu that killed millions, including her mother and infant sister, is battling COVID-19.

Telephone mix-up leads to a big surprise for elderly woman

It was a happy ending for an elderly New Mexico woman who dialed the wrong number. Lucky for her, the people on the other end of the line were able to give her just what she needed.

Tornado destroy 10 homes in New Mexico, 5 people injured

Authorities say a tornado has destroyed 10 homes in a small southeastern New Mexico community and five people suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Death toll rises to 8 in New Mexico bus-truck crash

A blown tire on a semi-truck may be to blame for a deadly head-on crash with a commercial passenger bus along Interstate 40 in New Mexico near the Arizona border, according to authorities.

Multiple casualties in New Mexico Greyhound bus crash

Multiple casualties and serious injuries have been reported after a Greyhound bus crash in New Mexico Thursday afternoon, police said.

3 from New Mexico compound could be freed as charges tossed

A judge dismissed child neglect charges Wednesday against three of five people arrested at a New Mexico desert compound where 11 children were found living in filth and the body of a 3-year-old boy was discovered.

Prosecutor: Man at compound trained kids for school shooting

The father of a missing 4-year-old Georgia boy was training children at a filthy New Mexico compound to commit school shootings, prosecutors alleged in court documents Wednesday.

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‘It breaks my heart.’: Mother grieving after son’s grave desecrated

Thefts involving valuable metals are on the rise. Now, some thieves are taking things a step further, stealing bronze flower vases from gravesites and selling them for scrap metal. It's something one grieving mother is trying to keep from happening to anyone else.

‘Peer Fishin’ Festival’ returns to Ocean Crest Pier, raising the spirits of disabled veterans

After being cancelled for the past two years due to a hurricane and the pandemic, the Operation North State annual 'Peer Fishin' Festival' is back at the Ocean Crest Pier in Oak Island. 

New findings by North Carolina State University raise more concerns around PFAS’s in the Cape Fear

Four years ago, one of those chemicals (GenX) was found in our drinking water in the Cape Fear River. A recent study has given rise to more concern surrounding the 'forever chemicals'. 

Colorado school district investigating claims that teachers taped masks to students’ faces

School officials are investigating allegations that some students were made to tape their masks to their faces.