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Brunswick County Disaster Information Session held for hurricane victims

Dozens came out Monday night in Brunswick County to learn more about how to get help with hurricanes.

Three storm-related deaths reported in North Carolina

Governor Roy Cooper visited affected coastal areas again Monday and has directed North Carolina Emergency Management (NCEM) to continue efforts with state and local partners, including non-profits, to deliver recovery aid to North Carolinians in need.

FEMA approves $41.5 million for NC hurricane response

FEMA has approved $41.5 million to reimburse North Carolina Emergency Management for emergency response activities during Hurricane Florence.

Disaster Case Management Program approved for Florence survivors

FEMA approved the State of North Carolina’s request for the Disaster Case Management program for use in the counties affected by the flooding that followed Hurricane Florence.

New area flood gauges installed to increase safety, flood prediction capability

When river levels began rising following hurricane Matthew and Florence, it quickly became a potential very dangerous situation for many families in the Cape Fear.

State seeks to help more Hurricane Matthew victims with housing recovery

A new email outreach effort from North Carolina Emergency Management is reaching homeowners who were impacted by Hurricane Matthew to encourage them to apply for housing recovery program assistance.

North Carolina one of 10 states where FEMA will embed with state authorities

The footage showing destruction left by the weekend's tornadoes takes your breath away. State authorities have a plan for dealing with future natural disasters: FIT, short for FEMA Integration Team.
North Carolina National Guard

North Carolina sending more help to Puerto Rico

A group of North Carolina emergency managers left to Puerto Rico Friday morning to assist with recovery efforts after Hurricane Maria.
Hurricane Matthew Fair Bluff Flooding

State gives $1.85M in Hurricane Matthew recovery help for Fair Bluff

The town of Fair Bluff will receive $1.85 million to help rebuild homes damaged by Hurricane Matthew and improve the town’s water supply.

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