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The Latest: Protesters storm Lebanon’s Foreign Ministry

A group of Lebanese protesters including retired army officers have stormed the Foreign Ministry building in the capital Beirut as part of protests following the massive explosion this week.

Legality of federal agents in Portland scrutinized as protests become more violent

Garrison Davis, a 17-year-old videographer and citizen journalist in Portland, Oregon, has documented the city's Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality nearly every night since they began more than 50 days ago following the death of George Floyd.

White House defends legality of use of federal agents in Portland

The White House on Tuesday sought to provide a legal justification for the administration's decision to deploy federal law enforcement to Portland in response to unrest as President Trump comes under scrutiny over whether he and the officers are acting outside the bounds of the law.

Gun-wielding St. Louis couple charged with felony over unlawful weapons

A St. Louis couple has been charged with felony unlawful use of a weapon for brandishing guns during civil rights demonstrations outside their mansion last month.

President Trump says federal officers in Portland have done a “great job,” and he...

President Trump on Monday said he is considering sending federal officers to cities other than Portland after they did a "great job" there. Authorities from several federal agencies have been sent to Portland to quell protests around the federal courthouse, but the presence of federal officers led to violent clashes over the weekend, leading to Oregon officials asking them to leave the city.

WPD: Protestor files hit-and-run report, but charged with impeding traffic

The Wilmington Police Department says a protestor recently filed a hit-and-run report, but now has been charged with impeding traffic.

Federal judge blocks NC city ordinance limiting protests

A federal judge has blocked for now an ordinance issued by a central North Carolina city that requires permits for protests and limits activities of demonstrators.

Joe Biden evokes MLK and George Floyd in Fourth of July message

Evoking the names of Martin Luther King and George Floyd, Joe Biden said Saturday that the U.S. "never lived up" to its founding principle that "all men are created equal."

Civil rights groups sue to block city’s limits on protests

Civil rights groups have sued to block a North Carolina city from enforcing an ordinance that requires permits for protests.

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