2 years ago
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DEA reclassification of marijuana could have major impact on medical uses

Federal authorities have announced that they are reviewing the possibility of loosening the classification of marijuana, and if this happens, it could have a far-reaching impact on how the substance is used in medical settings, experts said.
2 years ago
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Zip line regulations challenged after 4 deaths

As 12-year-old Bonnie Sanders Burney soared over a 40-foot ravine at her sleep-away camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the tether attaching her to a dual zip line snapped - plunging her to her death.
2 years ago
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Taxi driver to strike holiday weekend, others back out

"Then, all of a sudden, it just started taking over," Ranj said. "People just need work. There is employment there. I give that to Uber. There is employment there."