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Rene Trevinovideo

Chadbourn interim police chief fired

For the second time this month, Chadbourn is without a police chief.

Arguments erupt at Chadbourn Town Council meeting

Some people were outraged over the handling of a local police officer's firing after a controversial Facebook post, others were upset over how the town handled the situation and there were some there at the meeting to show support for town leaders after rumors flew this afternoon concerning the police department.

Community, officers respond to Chadbourn officer’s termination

Ricky Soles said he was fired from the Chadbourn Police Department over a post he made on Facebook. Tuesday we went out to talk with members of the community to see how they feel about the situation.

FIRST ON 3: Chadbourn cop says he was fired over Facebook post

A Chadbourn police officer says he was fired today over a post on Facebook. Tonight that fired officer is talking to WWAY about what happened.

FIRST ON 3: Chadbourn consulting attorney over officer’s Facebook post

Chadbourn town leaders are seeking legal advice over a Facebook post from one of the town's police officers.

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