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North Carolina scooters get first regulation in House bill

North Carolina legislators have taken a small first step toward regulating electric scooters as big cities wrestle with managing scooters and the companies that offer them to the public.

South Carolina capitol city bans electric scooters

South Carolina's capitol city has banned electric scooters for a year while the city studies the operation of companies providing the service.

Could rentable electric scooters be coming to Wilmington?

Wilmington City Council met Monday to discuss multiple topics. One item on the agenda was bringing scooters to the area, as other cities across the country have done.

Surging gas prices mean a boom in scooter sales

videoRising gas prices may be a nightmare for most people, but it's not the case for everyone. Scooter shops in the Cape Fear are seeing a boom in business. The increase at the gas pump means an increase in sales.

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