South Carolina capitol city bans electric scooters

COLUMBIA, SC (AP) — South Carolina’s capitol city has banned electric scooters for a year while the city studies the operation of companies providing the service.

News outlets reported Columbia City Council voted Tuesday to prohibit the use of electric scooters to protect the public.

The ordinance prevents two-wheeled, electric scooters from being ridden or placed on public property. It also allows the city to impound any scooter left unattended on a public street, sidewalk or right of way.

Violates could be fined $500.

Electric scooters have gotten mixed reviews elsewhere. Supporters say scooters are affordable, environmentally friendly and are a fun form of transportation.

Critics say the scooters are a nuisance and a public safety concern.

A company that has three-wheel scooters at the University of South Carolina recently started offering two-wheeled scooters.

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