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Dispatchers see increase of accidental 911 calls because of smart devices

If you sleep on your watch the wrong way, you could get a call from a 9-1-1 dispatcher!

New place to put your phone at a UNCW baseball game

There's no need to hold your cell phone in your lap anymore when attending a UNCW baseball game. Just look in front of you for the perfect spot to place it during the game.

New local app launches

A new app launched tonight at the Wilmington Business Expo.

Dolphin saves smart phone from ocean

Dolphin saves smart phone after it was dropped in the ocean dropped during event with Miami Heat dancers.

GM to offer Android, Apple systems in many 2016 models

By the end of the year, nearly every major automaker will begin offering Apple's CarPlay or Google's Android Auto systems that will allow a car's dashboard screen to look and function like a smartphone.

App launched for Downtown Wilmington

videoA new mobile app is a one-stop-shop for all things Downtown Wilmington. The app's creator says with about 20,000 downloads already, the app is a useful tool for visitors and locals alike.

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