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Henry David Thoreau stamp

US Postal Service issues new Thoreau stamp at Walden Pond

The U.S. Postal Service has dedicated its new Henry David Thoreau postage stamp at a ceremony at Walden Pond, where the 19th century American philosopher and naturalist spent two years in solitude and reflection.

Wilmington native, architect Robert Taylor honored on US stamp

In Downtown Wilmington, a ceremony was held to celebrate an area native being selected to be on the US stamp. Robert Robinson Taylor was the first formally educated black architect in America, studying at MIT in the late 1800's.

Price of stamps to go up 3 cents

videoThe cost of mailing a letter is a month away from increasing by three cents. That means the rate will be 49 cents for a first-class stamp.

New first-class stamps are ‘forever’

Beginning in January, all new postage stamps good for one ounce of first-class mail will be marked as "forever." The US Postal Service is doing away with issuing first-class stamps with denominations.

Increase in stamp price goes into effect Monday

It is going to cost you more to use snail mail. Monday, the cost of a stamp goes up from 42 to 44 cents. Forever Stamps will still work, even if you bought them at the lower rate.

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