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Tariffs aimed at Mexico, but US companies in line of fire

The surprise imposition by President Donald Trump of an escalating tariff regime against Mexico sent ripples through almost every economic sector in the U.S. Friday, hammering American companies that sell automobiles or run railroads, grow vegetables or create medical devices.

SC governor suggests patience on Trump’s tariff proposals

As the national debate over potential implications of the Trump administration's tariff plans continues, one of the president's earliest allies stressed this week that he's made the administration aware of South Carolina's concerns but still thinks a wait-and-see approach is the best way to proceed.

In tit-for-tat, President Trump threatens more tariffs against China

President Donald Trump has directed the U.S. Trade Representative to prepare new tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese imports as the two nations move closer to a trade war.

‘Nobody wins in a trade war’: Possible tariffs threaten US items

China announced a list of US goods including pork, fruit, wine and steel after President Trump's tariff hike on Chinese goods.

Local brewery fears Trump’s tariffs will doom the boom

President Donald Trump is aiming to revamp the country's aluminum and steel industries.

Trump announces tariffs on steel, aluminum

President Donald Trump is announcing steep tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum to address what he says is an "assault on our country."

Trump’s tariff talk provokes rarely seen urgency among GOP

Republicans in Congress have learned to ignore President Donald Trump's policy whims, knowing whatever he says one day on guns, immigration or other complicated issues could very well change by the next.

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