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Florence-impacted neighbors along empty lake challenge Brunswick Co. home value increase

In areas like Boiling Spring Lakes, neighbors are trying to make sense of the increase and the potential for hundreds of dollars more in taxes taken out of their home in the new year.

Southport residents asked for input on proposed tax increase

People living in Southport will have the opportunity to voice their opinion about a possible tax increase this week and next.

No tax increase for Pender County residents in new budget

There will be no property tax increase for Pender County residents this year according to the finance director.

Pender Co. commissioners approve 17-cent tax hike

Williams said at their first meeting this week Commissioner George Brown moved a motion to pass the budget, but he didn't get a second. "I even offered to resign as chair in order to put someone else in the chair, so I could second a motion," Williams said.

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