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Their stories are untold. Often they are stories that do not add up. Stories with missing pieces. Each Monday on Good Morning Carolina, Hannah Patrick is telling their stories in the WWAY series #UNSOLVED. Check back here for extra information on the cases profiled and how you can help investigators and families find answers.

#UNSOLVED: Woman brutally killed in Brunswick Co. home in 1987

A 23-year-old mother of two was brutally killed in her home in the middle of the day with her son in the room.

#UNSOLVED: Tim Smart last seen in Boiling Spring Lakes in 1995

Timothy Smart, 25, was last seen in Boiling Spring Lakes in July 1995.

#UNSOLVED: Check fraud out of Charlotte homeless shelter hits Whiteville

Investigators say the operation started at a homeless shelter in Charlotte.

#UNSOLVED: Woman stabbed to death in Pine Valley home

Wilmington detectives are still looking for the person who killed Carol Ann Johnson in her Pine Valley home almost seven years ago.

#UNSOLVED: Law enforcement looking into new forensic technology

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A piece of technology that was once used in the food industry is now being used to solve murder, rape and...
Allison Jackson Foyvideo

#UNSOLVED: Family seeks new DNA test in Allison Jackson Foy’s murder

Allison Jackson Foy went missing on Carolina Beach Road in 2006. Her body was found in 2008. Foy's family returns to Wilmington each year searching for answers in a murder that remains unsolved.

Hundreds to attend National Missing Persons Conference in Wilmington

While it can be very emotional, it can also be very helpful, not only for the families, but also the agencies who are involved with an unsolved case.

#UNSOLVED: Father of 3 shot to death on Christmas Day 2008

The murder of a father of three shot to death on Christmas Day nearly a decade ago remains unsolved. Montez Jones, 25, was shot to death on December 25, 2008.

#UNSOLVED: Myrtle Grove teacher found dead in Brunswick Co.

The death of a Myrtle Grove Middle School teacher in 1992 remains unsolved.

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