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Hackers disrupt online college meeting with racist language

Officials at Wake Forest University say hackers used racist language and anti-Semitic images to disrupt an online meeting of the school's employees.

Former Wake Forest coach convicted in fatal assault in NY

A former Wake Forest University assistant basketball coach was found guilty in a 2018 assault that killed a man.

North Carolina university to address racism allegations

A North Carolina university says it is forming a commission to address allegations of racism.

North Carolina lawyer Cheslie Kryst named Miss USA 2019

A 27-year-old lawyer from North Carolina who represents prison inmates for free won the Miss USA title Thursday night.

Students file lawsuit against colleges in bribery scandal

Two college students have filed a lawsuit against the University of Southern California, Yale University and other colleges where prosecutors have accused rich and famous parents of paying bribes to ensure their children's admission.

Hearing held for Wake Forest volleyball coach charged in college scheme

An initial court appearance has been held for the Wake Forest University women's volleyball coach accused in a scheme to help get wealthy children into elite schools.

Actors, CEOs and coaches charged in nationwide college bribery scheme

College coaches and others have been charged in a sweeping admissions bribery case unsealed in federal court.

Wake Forest places basketball assistant on leave after punch

Wake Forest University has placed an assistant basketball coach on leave after police said he punched a New York City tourist who later died.

Parents of man killed by punch from WFU asst. coach say condolences ‘too late’

The parents of a Florida man who died after he was punched by an assistant basketball coach at Wake Forest University said Friday they don't accept the coach's condolences.

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