New Hanover County begins commission recount

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Tonight, we should officially know the results of the New Hanover County Commissioner’s race, one month after the election.

They have 110,000 ballots they need to recount.

A group assembled by the New Hanover County Board of Elections began the recounting process of the New Hanover County Commissioner’s race.

70,000 of those votes were recounted electronically and the results remained the same.

They now have 40,000 handwritten ballots remaining to count.

“We have targeted nine o’clock tonight to sit down and approve the results of this recount.” New Hanover County Board of Elections Chairman Jonathan Washburn said.

Derrick Hickey and Julia Boseman originally submitted the recount for their races, as the results were within one percent.

“My supporters had asked me, like I said I had accepted the results thirty days ago,” County Commissioner Candidate Julia Boseman said. “It’s so close and so many people worked really hard. There’s a lot of disappointment, not just in this election, but in other elections.”

The recount will only affect Boseman and Hickey along with Jonathan Barfield and Patricia Kusek as they were all so close.

Boseman says she is just ready to move on.

“I go to Christmas,” Boseman said. “We’ve got a six year old and a twelve year old at the house and we’re really excited for the holidays.”

We should also note that New Hanover County is joining with other counties across the state to recount ballots for the North Carolina State Auditor race.

GOP candidate for state auditor, Chuck Stuber, formally asked the State Board of Elections for a recount of votes in his race against incumbent Democrat Beth Wood.

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