No-cost ways to calm an anxious pet during July 4th fireworks

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) — What’s spectacular to most of us is a nightmare to some.

If you have or have ever had a pet that’s sensitive to noises then you know Fourth of July fireworks can bring anxiety to both pets and owners.

That includes Karina Ballester of Raleigh.

“I have had the personal experience of having to manage thunderstorm and noise phobia with my own dog,” she said. “But it is very common in veterinary medicine and we see pets that need our help, at least need some advice, we see them all the time.”

Ballester is a veterinarian at Creedmoor Road Animal Hospital and the owner of three dogs and a cat.

One of those dogs is sensitive to noise which was a huge problem when she lived near the state fairgrounds in Raleigh since every night of the fair’s fall run features a fireworks display.

“Every night at 9 we needed to be prepared because she was going to start showing her anxiety,” she said.

Ballester used a product called a ThunderShirt developed by Durham company ThunderWorks.

It fits snugly on pets and mimics swaddling used to calm infants.

But there are plenty of no-cost remedies for pet anxiety.

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