North Carolina doctors urge President Trump to cancel rally

GREENVILLE, NC (WWAY) — Concerns over the Coronavirus had some North Carolina doctors urging President Trump to cancel today’s rally in Greenville.

Thirty eight doctors wrote a letter to his campaign, saying the Covid 19 spike after his recent indoor rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a health concern for North Carolinians.

They expressed anxiety over recent actions and comments they say could encourage Americans to downplay the disease, stating, “The president spreads medically inaccurate information about Covid 19.”

That rally started at one at the Pitt-Greenville Airport, and Dr. Jessica Saxe says it could be a potential superspreader event:

“The best precaution people can take is to continue to take the virus seriously and practice preventative measures that can reduce the likelihood of transmission. But President Trump’s rallies increase the risk of person to person infections, and they give a false impression that COVID 19 is no longer with us.”

Saxe urged North Carolinians to not attend today’s rally, or to at least wear a mask and remain six feet apart if they still intend to do so.

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