North Carolina Senator Ted Budd tours Port of Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Newly elected North Carolina Senator Ted Budd stopped by the state port today in Wilmington.

Budd took part in touring the Port of Wilmington while discussing items with the North Carolina State Ports Authority.

The senator also touched on the importance of imports and exports to the state and united states as a whole.

Budd also discussed the significance of this infrastructure and the country not being reliant on China for imports.

When asked about any specific plans with the state port to help with supply chain issues, Budd emphasized the ports value.

“As somebody that works with the federal government, I want to do everything I can to just enable those here in North Carolina and I just want to give, you know, tip my hat to the state legislature. They really see the importance of this infrastructure here in the state. They’re investing in it, and we want to do our part from the federal government. There’s a lot of jobs here and again, it gets food on the table, it gets supplies to people when they need it.” Budd explained.

Budd went on to show his appreciation for the port workers and all of their efforts.

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