North Carolina truck driver passes 4 million miles driven without an accident

Truck driver David Frazier has driven more than 4 million miles in his truck without a crash (Photo: NCDOT)

FORSYTH COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — There are safe drivers, and then there is David Frazier.

He recently passed 4 million miles driven with his trucking company without a single crash.

But that skill didn’t come overnight.

“It takes a lot of years to create the right habits, because the habits that you develop over a long period of time will carry you through some of the moments when you may be a little distracted or a little tired,” Frazier said.

For the distance Frazier has travled on the road, he could have driven 160 times around the earth or to the moon and back eight times.

Frazier says he hopes his crash-free driving streak will reach the 5 million mile mark, which should take him about 8.5 more years.

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