Oak Island fire department installs fire alarms in homes

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — In an effort to prevent firs and educate the public, the Oak Island fire department is doing their part.

“Oak Island fire department was awarded a grant for smoke alarms. We’re going door to door, canvasing the area, installing smoke alarms,” Joseph Snapp, Oak Island Fire Marshal, says.

Members of the fire department went around the community and installed brand new fire alarms throughout different neighborhoods. Snapp says some people in the are are just not aware they need one.

“A lot of the homes here on Oak Island have been here for years. Some of them have smoke alarms but they’re old and out of date. 10 years in the lifespan on them. Some of them don’t have them,” Snapp says.

According to the Office of the State Fire Marshal, there were 11 people in North Carolina who died from house fires. That was just this month, due in part to colder temperatures. Jan Parker is a fire prevention specialist and says numbers like that are staggering.

“We know that this year we’re ahead of last year’s numbers and we’ve got two month of colder weather on the way. That is very concerning to us because we want to be sure that families are safe. That they have working smoke alarms. That we get the word out of how important it is,” Parker says.

Elizabeth Williams is a resident of Oak Island and says she also couldn’t be happier with the fire departments efforts.

“I appreciate that we have services like this, funds that are being provided to homeowners, to come and check, to make sure that all is well, as far as protecting us against fire hazards such as that,” Williams says.

The Office of the State Fire Marshal says besides fire alarms, they recommend families prepare an escape plan. Just in the case of a house fire.

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