Oak Island man dials up own arrest

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — We all dial the wrong number from time to time, but when 62-year-old Marlin Snead did it, it landed the Oak Island man in some pretty hot water with the police.

Snead pleaded no contest to one count of intent to deliver a controlled substance Wednesday. His attorney says it’s one of the most interesting cases he’s ever been a part of.

“You have to careful of the kind of conduct that you involve yourself in because things can evolve that you didn’t anticipate,” Snead’s attorney Bonner Stiller said.

Back in April 2010 Snead, a Vietnam War veteran decorated with two Purple Hearts, says he was lonely, so he went to Bolivia and picked up a lady friend.

“I did say she was a prostitute,” Snead said. “I cannot swear to that, but it is my understanding that she is. After that night, I would, yeah, I would say that’s a pretty sure thing.”

He admits they hung out for a couple of days and smoked crack cocaine among other activities. Then, when he went to call her a cab, instead of dialing 411 he accidentally dialed 911.

Snead says before he knew it he got a knock on his door, and it wasn’t a cab driver.

“The next thing I knew the yard was full of officers and they wanted to know if they could go into my house and check my house,” Snead said. “They did, and they found my medication from the VA and they counted them and there were some missing.”

Police arrested Snead on three drug charges, two of which were dropped.

Snead says he never gave the woman any of his prescribed drugs and the whole thing was just a huge misunderstanding.

“I have lived right here on this corner for 20 years, and if I had been a dope salesman or something Oak Island Police would, should have been aware of it,” he said.

Snead has no prior felonies, and after pleading no contest to the charge he faces a suspended sentence and is on probation.

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