Oak Island Police Department sees success with body cameras

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) —  The Oak Island Police Department is seeing success with body cams. After learning this week that the Wilmington Police Department is trying to get more money for body cameras, personnel and equipment we checked in with other departments like Oak Island.

The department began getting the body cameras in December. They have 17 body cameras, one for every patrol officer and one for Lieutenant Chris Franks. Lieutenant Franks said they have been very useful in investigations.

“The reason why we got them is because we can actually see that they would be a useful tool for us, not everything happens in front of the patrol car or where the patrol car has their camera on so that’s where these are coming in a lot,” said Franks.

Lieutenant Franks said he reviews the footage regularly and this has been a learning opportunity for officers. The department spent almost $13,000 on the cameras. He said each camera costs about $750. That money came from drug seizures.

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